Moffat Mercury model + Rolling 30 t-shirt + Hey Charger decal + more - Gearbox 430

By: Unique Cars magazine

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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...

1. Moffat Mercury


Before Allan Moffat stormed the tourng car scene with his TransAm Mustang, he was earning a quid stateside driving a Mercury against the likes of Parnelli Jones. The Mercury team cars were painted red and silver, but Moffat’s was painted ‘Australian’ green and gold. He competed in 4 races with the Mercury but was outgunned to the title by the Ford Mustang. This 1.18 scale limited-edition model has been signed by Moffat and is beautifully detailed. A must for any collector. $190


2. Hey Charger decal


If you have or know anyone that has anything Chrysler, Valiant or Mopar check out the extensive range of goodies at Elko Performance. They specialise in Valiant spares and performance parts, as well as restoration parts. Elko also undertakes vehicle restorations and servicing. As part of Australia’s largest manufacturer of factory resto parts for Aussie built Chryslers, they also have a range of cool decals like this one for the Charger.


3. Rolling 30 T-Shirt


If you were at the recent Unique Cars Rolling 30 event at Sydney Motosport Park and didn’t snaffle a commemorative tee shirt here’s your last chance. And if you weren’t there but want the official and very cool tee from the event, start filling out the form cos there aint many left. They are super comfy, have serious cred and are just the thing to attend a cars and coffee event in, or anything else really. Except weddings perhaps... Order your Rolling 30 tee ($35) at:



4. Hear and smell no evil


Tru-Fit has been around for over 30 years making replacement moulded carpets, vinyl flooring, mats, soundproofing, dash mats, cargo and boot mats for a wide range of cars. They also make moulded and trimmed under-bonnet heat insulation and sound deadening pads for HK, HG and HT Kingswoods, Premiers and Monaros. The multi-density pads are a breeze to fit and come cut to size with factory clips to pop straight on.


5. Stylish wire wheels


Gotta a classic that needs its wire wheels replacing or do you have one that would look the part with wire wheels sprouting from each corner? Get onto the experts at Australian Classic Wire Wheels. As the Australian Distributor of Dunlop classic wire wheels, LA Custom wire wheels and splined alloy wire wheels, they know more about the caper than anyone and you’ll be surprised by the number of makes and models catered for. They also specialise in period correct tyres like the Blockley 185 VR 15 steel belted radial tyre.


6. LED BriteAngle warning triangles


Nothing ruins a day-out more than a break down, or in Rolls-Royce speak, ‘Failure to Proceed’. But if this does happen put your safety first before you start tinkering and swearing at your stranded chariot and plonk one of these LED light BriteAngle triangles at each end of the car to warn other motorists, or to draw attention to yourself so they can laugh! These clever safety triangles have been designed, developed, tested and produced in the UK. They have a viewing distance of 300 metres and only require 4 x AA batteries to operate.



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