1995 Mercedes-Benz C220 Elegance – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Mercedes C220 Tempter Mercedes C220 Tempter

Classic appeal in a useable daily-drive package

For years, when Uncle Phil was asked about a cheap solid runabout – the W202 C-class Benz was his go-to answer.

They’re cheap, built like tanks, and are generally fuss-free. Guido seemingly agreed, as he had three in his driveway at one point!

They were the last car launched under Benz’s "Engineered like no other car in the world" era, succeeding the much-loved W201 190E, and arriving just before the pointed star deemed their years of over-engineering "unsupportable" in the face of new competition in brands like Lexus, and their own domestic rival, BMW.

They still make a fantastic case for an affordable runabout – just look for the lowest possible mileage and the best service history you can.

This 1995 W201 C-class looks like a great useable package for someone after an affordable classic daily.

Being a C220, it bears the 16v 2.2lt inline-four with the four-speed auto in this model year (a five-speed unit arrived in 1981). The 110kW unit isn’t exactly inspired in its performance, but the car will get to speed in traffic and will give you a masterclass in momentum driving.

This car is described as in excellent condition and was owned by a retired gentleman who is no-longer driving. It’s showing its age in a few areas, such as discolouring window rubbers and an incomplete rear model badge; but overall looks tidy and free of significant wear and tear.

There’s an aftermarket head unit in the cabin, but the rest of it seems to be in good condition with a clean dash and no noticeable tears or rips in the upholstery.

The car will come supplied with "RWC & service", and rego until February 2020. The car has covered 220,000 country kilometres and is on offer for $5,500.

The car is based in Melbourne, and you can check out the full listing here!


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