Holden HT Kingswood + Pontiac GTO + Datsun 1200 - Phils Picks 428

By: Phil Walker

holden ht kingswood holden ht kingswood
holden ht kingswood interior holden ht kingswood interior
holden ht kingswood engine bay holden ht kingswood engine bay

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1969 HOLDEN HT Kingswood

Owned and loved for 44 years!

Back in the day you could tailor make your car, pick and choose the features and options you wanted from the mix and match specs and options sheets. It’s sad that these days you have to cop what the makers want you to have bundled together in option packs.  This mix and match HT Kingswood has some Monaro trappings thrown at it along with a 253ci V8 engine, three-on-the-tree syncro gearbox and disc stoppers up front. Being a special order car and maybe even a one-off, it has red bucket seats, presumably from the Monaro or Premier to compliment the white paintwork and black vinyl roof. It has been cared for by the one owner for the past 44 years and I can’t remember seeing one like this in a long time.

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The 1969 Pontiac GTO is hugely popular in the US muscle car scene and for various reasons, not that many washed up on our shores. While many buyers threw their hard earned at a Camaro or a Mustang, the GTO was equally desirable, equally muscular and sported a very different look to the rest of the GM muscle car stable. It looks the part in white with red trim and concealed headlights. Dollar per cubic inches this is good buying and would be a ideal toy for weekend cruises or gallops.

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When I see the Datsun 1200 I think of two things: Grannies driving them to the shops and brave or mad souls who would don a crash helmet and pedal them around Mt Panorama while being frightened witless every few laps by GT-HOs and Monaros flying past past at twice their speed. I bet the Bathurst dry cleaners were kept busy on the Monday after the race. The Datsun vs Toyota battle was every bit as intense as that played by the General and Henry. In its 46 years this Datto has had two owners – the last one garaged it for 15 years. A survivor in the true sense of the word.

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