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By: Phil Walker

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Uncle Phil's top picks from the TradeUniqueCars classifieds...

1963 Chrysler Valiant Regal


It doesn’t get much more authentic than this Aussie family time-warp Val! Delivered new to Travalley Motors in Morwell Victoria in the Summer of ‘64 – this model Valiant holds a special place in local history as the first to be actually manufactured here, rather than being assembled from imported kits.   The 225 slant-six was carried over from the SV1, as was much of the suspension. The Regal was the upmarket model back in the day, rivalling the Holden’s Premier and Ford’s Falcon Futura. This one is completely unmolested and about as original as Vals come these days. There’s a full set of books – and it would almost be a shame to restore this beauty that has survived for so many decades.

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1971 Honda 1300 Coupe S7



Honda was a proud and innovative brand back in the 60s, winning its first F1 Grand Prix in 1965, years before they ever had an internationally successful passenger car. The 1300 was the last project overseen by Soichiro Honda himself. It has a dry-sumped and air-cooled 1300cc single-carb unit, and was one of the greatest front-drive offerings of the time. This one is a rarity in Oz, it looks stunning and is in driving condition; but it does does blow a little smoke. So it’s priced accordingly.

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1992 Mercedes-Benz 500SL



Collectors love the Benz SLs. Back to the 300SLs of the 50s, it seems that when one generation gets priced out of reach the market focus moves to the next-gen model. ‘Pagoda Roof’ models have been fetching silly money for a long time and now the succeeding R107 has picked up  ‘classic’ status. If you follow the trend the R129 is next in line, and unlike the R107, it’s actually a good car! This one ticks all the boxes: V8, Oz-delivered, with just 78,000ks on it. The roof and suspension has recently been overhauled, and it would be a great ‘Youngtimer’ classic!

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1964 Ford Falcon XM



Falcon fragility was put out to pasture with the XM. Finally, the Falcon found its footing as a car for Aussie conditions. It gained more chrome, and stronger front end ball joints, axles and engine mounts. It wasn’t any faster than its predecessors, but added a new level of sophistication to the Blue Oval’s mainstream offering. This beaut is skinny on detail, but it looks to be in great condition, and exceedingly original. It’s reasonable money for the age and surviving condition – they certainly don’t make them like this any more...

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1977 Chrysler Valiant Centura KC



You’d be forgiven for forgetting about the humble Chrysler Centura. It never quite caught on when new in the face of local Holdens and Fords. The KC arrived in 1977 and was only available with the bigger 4.0lt engine. Most were autos and many fell victim to V8 transplants over the years, which sees neat survivors like this a rarity. This one’s a find! A one-owner Amazon Green car in top-spec GLX trim. It’s been serviced every year and claims a healthy overall condition with small stone chips and a small dent on the boot being the only blemishes.

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1976 Holden Statesman Caprice



Until the HQ range arrived, the luxo-barge market was ruled by Ford’s Fairlane. The Statesman was announced as GMH’s new flagship offering. While it was largely based on the HQ, new body panels gave the illusion of a distinct new model. The  HX here may have been canned in its day for the performance-choking emission updates, but today it would be a handsome and stately cruiser for the whole family!

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1995 Ford Falcon XR6 EF



This might be the nicest EF Falcon I’ve seen for a long time! Which I guess isn’t saying much. Apparently the owner stored this thing 10 years ago, ‘for a rainy day’ he says... Well it seems that day has come, and the owner is looking to cash in on an impossibly clean-looking modern classic workhorse. It’s got a genuine 105,008kms on the clock, and looks as close to new as you’ll likely find! You could daily drive this thing without much worry – or use it on weekends and preserve its oustanding condition. Either way, it could be a decent amount of car for the money!

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1968 Holden HR Special



What a charmer! At over 50 years old, this HR Special still looks as handsome as it did when new! It’s got full history since it was delivered to Suttons Motors in Sydney. It claims to have lived most of its life out in the country, where the elderly owner has put under 65,000 miles on it. Still on its original plates, the car has never been off the road – though we’re told it was treated to a full body resto with any rust cut out and a full respray two years ago. Interior is all original down to the floor mats. You couldn’t find a base and build it to this level for the money.

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