1978 Ford Falcon XC 500 – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

XC 500 Rally Pack XC 500 Rally Pack

Matching numbers, 302 four-speed XC 500 with GS Rally Pack option

Ford’s ‘coke bottle’ range of XA-XC Falcons was hugely successful in their day.

Buyers were taken by the new body that came with a vast model range, plenty of options, and brash loud colours. Throughout the 70s, Ford sold over 520,000 of them!

So you’d think that there’d be plenty on the market today, but unfortunately that isn’t quite so. The new curvaceous body was a nightmare for panel beaters, and many of them that didn’t get left at the tip simply rusted away over the decades.

The last iteration, the XC, lost some of its coke bottle curves, with a more pronounced swage line running from the front through the rear haunches. Chunkier bumpers and a softer bonnet line further updated the XC into modernity.

New ADR emissions regulations at the time cause many to fear that the XC’s performance would be a downgrade from its predecessors, though it was the sixes that underwent the most modifications – and they actually yielded net performance gains which won over many buyers at the time.

This XC looks like a largely original car that looks like it’s lived most of its life out on the road.

It presents numbers matching, with its original 302 V8, 9" diff and four-speed manual still in place; and is said to drive beautifully, complimented by a new clutch, new bearings, shocks, springs and fuel lines.

It’s fitted with the Rally Pack option, also commonly referred to as the GS pack. The Rally Pack option gained the twin headlights, sports dash and bonnet, bumper overriders, slotted wheels and enhanced instrumentation and steering wheel.

The car is looking a little tired these days, the seller says the paint is old – it looks like it could use some TLC. The interior is described as neat however, and overall it’s all there and in running condition.

It could make a great base for a minor project – it’s based in South Australia and is listed for $40,000.

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