HSV VTII GTS-R sold at Mecum auction

By: Unique Cars magazine

hsv gtsr front hsv gtsr front
hsv gtsr rear hsv gtsr rear
hsv gtsr interior hsv gtsr interior
hsv gtsr engine bay hsv gtsr engine bay

What is believed to be the only HSV VT II GTS-R in America fetched a mere AUD $40,300 against an estimate of AUD $72,100-$108,000 at a recent Mecum auction.

Offered with no reserve the 2000 model HSV VT II GTS-R, with 42,395 km, was shipped stateside by Gordon Wangers then CEO of marketing and promotional agency ACMI and according to Mecum's was driven by GM boss Bob Lutz on a cross-country trek in the States.

The US motoring media had a taste of the HSV with it appearing in a comparo alongside a BMW M5 in Car and Driver magazine.

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It was claimed the GTS-R was also used in the development of the Monaro-based 2004 Pontiac GTO. The lack of frenzied interest in the GTS-R mirrors the tough sales time the VF SS Commodore had in 2013 onwards, despite its body shape being used  in and winning quite often in NASCAR, where it was branded as a Chev SS.

The 300kW/510Nm 5.7-litre LS1-powered VT II GTS-R was basically a VT II GTS, but one of a small-batch run developed by HSV for export to the UK with an ‘R’ added to the nomenclature.


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