1971 Ford Capri 3000GT – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Capri 3000GT Capri 3000GT

Genuine and honest factory GT V6: “The car you always promised yourself”

Sometimes forgotten in the face of more popular classic Fords, the Capri was an astounding car born late in Ford’s "Total Performance" era.

A stablemate, and not-so-distant relative to the Mustang, the Capri was arguably a braver product exercise than the globally esoteric Pony Car.

The Mustang was an instant smash hit in the US, but Ford had the foresight to know that what was popular in the US rarely translated to European markets.

Capris arrived Down Under in 1969 as 1.6lts, and were surprisingly well received in the face of six-pot Torana GTRs and VF Pacers available for similar money.

The 3000 GT arrived in February 1970, assembled in Broadmeadows and cashed in on the XW GT-HO’s street cred with bonnet pins and Super Roo decals.

At 1070kg, the 300 GT was some 155kgs heavier than its four-pot sibling, but with an extra 38kW and double the torque, few cars for the price ($3230 when new) could match it over a standing 400m sprint… Until the XU-1 arrived a few months later.

This 1971 Capri 3000GT looks like a good honest survivor, presenting free of rust (according to the listing) and in great numbers matching mechanical condition.

From photos, the black (or is it a deep midnight blue?) paint looks good, and the interior too looks very clean. Overall, it looks like a great base for a minor tidy up.

The car is based in Victoria and is listed for $35,000.

You can check out the full listing here!


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