Subaru Impreza 22B Prototype for sale!

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

22b for sale 22b for sale
22b for sale rear 22b for sale rear
22b for sale interior 22b for sale interior
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22b for sale build plaque 22b for sale build plaque

One of three #000 prototypes, and one of 424 22Bs in existence, up for grabs!

The 90s represented the halcyon days for Subaru’s all-paw turbo terrors. They excelled on rally stages around the world, graced by legends like Colin McRae.

And at the height of that saw the Impreza 22B come to fruition, a proper late-90s WRC homologation car; just 400 units were built initially for Japan.

Thanks to a flurry of demand from dealers around the world, Subaru subsequently built 16 cars and shipped them to the UK. Australia too was one of the "lucky countries" – with an allocation of just five.  Total build numbers differ depending on who you talk to, though 424 units is the most widely accepted production number.


Under the bonnet sat a larger 2.2lt turbo boxer engine, draped by a subtle but aggressive two-door widebody.


Amongst Subaru’s most potent offerings of the 90s, the 22B is special in any regard. This one, even more so as it’s actually one of three #000 prototypes, and it bears an astounding odometer reading of just 55 kilometres.


The car is offered for sale by Contempo Concept, a boutique collectible car dealer in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, no price is listed. So we imagine it’s more than we can afford…


Another of the three #000 22B prototypes (in race livery) was sold by Bonhams in 2017 to the tune of AU$211,327 – so take that as a ballpark, and maybe chuck a little bit on top as these early-generation WRXs have only gotten more desired since then!


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