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1. My Dad Had That Car

Walk down memory lane and check out American cars from 1920 to 1990 in the book, My Dad Had That Car. It’s an encyclopaedia of Yank tanks. Compiled by Tad Burness probably doesn’t ring any bells, but among his works his Spotters Guide Book is one of the most referenced globally. Burness published a total of 25 books, many featuring his daily automotive snippets which he started publishing in 1966. My Dad Had That Car gives a greater insight into many of the period’s best and worst. $50



2. Jaguar cuffs


Here’s an opportunity for Jaguar drivers to dress to impress, whether they are heading to that black tie charity do, hammering out a major deal in the boardroom, or having a casual evening out with friends. Spinner cufflinks, are the ultimate accessory for any Jaguar owner. These stylish silver cufflinks replicate in miniature the spinners of the Heritage Jaguar wheel and pay homage to the iconic Jaguars and their wire wheels of past eras. $83



3.  Affordable Phase IV


As we don’t all have a couple of million gathering dust, but we all have a desire to own a Phase IV GTHO Falcon, the next best thing is to grab a 1/18 scale model from Classic Carlectables. These will also be in short supply with just 850 being produced for global consumption. The detail is amazing, with an authentic dash and instruments, the full rollcage, engraved headlights, moulded grille, Globe Bathurst mags, working suspension and steering.

Underneath is just as detailed.



4. More powerful Pony


If you want more power for your ’Stang, go and see Mustang Motorsport. They sell and install go-faster Roush gear for your V8 Mustang, including the latest Roush superchargers Once fitted, the Stage 1 kit gives you a staggering 700 horsepower in the old money. Torque is also given a hefty boost to 827 newton metres. But if that’s not enough you can also get a Whipple Stage 2 Supercharger that belts out a whopping 850 neddies at the flywheel with 894 Nm. Head to Mustang Motorsport.



5. Moffat T-shirt


Long before Allan Moffat crossed the line from Ford to HDT, he raced a Holden Torana A9X alongside Bob Morris in a two-car Ron Hodgson backed team. They tackled the AMSCAR touring car series at Amaroo Park on Sydney’s outskirts. A few years later Moffat drove another of Morris’ cars at Bathurst, an XD Falcon after Moff’s own Falcon failed early on. This great looking and commemorative tee shirt and plenty of other Moffat memorabilia is available online.



6. Light kit

porsche-lights.jpgIt always happens at the most inappropriate moment, a blown fuse or globe. For owners of 911 Porsches between 1965 and 1971 this handy kit will get you out of trouble and back on the road in no time. Like anything Porsche it looks the part and with typical German efficiency and attention to detail the Porsche motif is on the front and part numbers on the back. The kit includes a variety of high and low beam bulbs, indicator bulbs, tail and brake light bulbs as well as an assortment of fuses. 



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