Angelo's New-Old-Stock top picks

By: Angelo Loupetis

vn owners manual vn owners manual

When he's not designing mags or chasing stories young Angelo is up to no good, chasing the latest new-old-stock gems on the web - here's what he found

VN Group A Owners Manual

We cant deny that Commodore parts are getting harder to obtain. When was the last time you found a genuine NOS VN Group A owners manual? Yes its a lot of money but if your missing the original handbook an original blank is the next best thing.

COST $1900


Honda CRX Personal Box


When smoking was fashionable and manufacturers fitted ash trays to cars as standard. Honda was thinking ahead coming up with the "personal box" for the non smoker. It's essentially a red cloth insert liner for your car's ashtray creating a snazzy little drawer for storage in your car. The CRX unit shown is supposedly one of the hardest to find.

COST $1000 plus shipping & GST


50 Chrysler Turbine Car Brochures


Yes Chrysler did develop and produce 55 turbine cars between 1962/64, they even let them loose on the roads of the USA on a trial program. They never went into full scale production but the brochures and even the odd owner's manual do pop up for sale. Nine cars now remain after the others were destoyed by the manufacturer. What a great item from a bygone era.

COST $300 plus shipping & GST


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