1996 Mitsubishi Evo IV GSR – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine


Model rarely seen in Aus: one-owner car with full history, 100% unmodified

Early Mitsubishi Evos are virtually unseen in Australia, but have been lauded worldwide as compact all-paw turbo terrors.

In 1996, the Evo IV arrived, atop the all-new Lancer platform that was released the previous year.

Lifting the bonnet revealed the big mechanical change; with the engine and transaxle rotated 180 degrees for better weight balance and torque steer mitigation. A new twin-scroll turbo yielded an ultimate power bump to the Japanese gentlemen’s agreement-friendly 206kW.

Two models were sold new, the GSR and the RS.

The RS was the lightweight competition model, and featured; a front LSD and rear friction-type LSD, 16" wheels, wind up windows, no A/C, extra floor bracing, and even thinner body panels and glass for a net weight saving of around 85kg.

The GSR was a full trim road car, with the wildly complex active yaw control available as an option/

Just 10,000 Evo IVs were produced.

This Evo IV on sale here is in the more street-friendly GSR specification.

The listing states that the car is a one-owner example with full service history and log books, and present completely factory standard and unmodified (which is rare for these frequently-fettled machines).

From the photos within the listing, the car looks neat and does appear unmodified. There is some slight paint fading in the engine bay, and some wear on the driver’s seat bolster – which any prospective buyers may want to inspect and compare alongside the claimed 61,562km odometer reading.

But on first appearances sake, this rare and desirable high-performance model looks incredibly well-kept.

Here’s the catch: The reason that these cars are so rarely seen in Australia, is that previously they were never eligible to import under pre-1990 SEVS exemptions. As of 2019, SEVS exemptions now apply on a rolling 25-year rule, which will see this Evo IV able to be fully registered in 2021.

Until then, you could use it as a motorsports car, or just keep it in the shed.

It’s based in New South Wales, and is listed for $28,888.

Check out the full listing here!


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