HDT, Benz & Porsche - Graysonline highlights

By: Guy Allen & Mark Higgins, Unique Cars magazine

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Big classic car auction coming up - here are a few highlights

HDT, Benz & Porsche - Graysonline highlights
This HDT Aero is a rarity.

This weeks' Graysonline auction has a big range of classic metal on offer and we've featured a few highlights, including a rare HDT Aero, a Mercedes-Benz W111 coupe and Porsche 944.

Join Guy Allen and Mark Higgins as they chew over the assorted history and merits of the cars.

See the auction here.

(Auction starts at 4.00pm, 24 April.)

graysHDT This HDT Aero is a rare car. graysHDT
graysBENZcoupe This big Benz has potential as a great cruiser. graysBENZcoupe
graysPORSCHE 944 This Porsche 944 should be a fun drive and an relatively economical entry into Porsche ownership. graysPORSCHE 944


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