Happy Anniversary Mustang! Here are our top four stories

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Ford Mustang 55th World Fair Ford Mustang 55th World Fair

Today marks 55 years since Ford’s famous Pony Car debuted at the 1964 New York World Fair

Ford’s Mustang ostensibly remains one of the world’s most iconic cars, and are likely the first thing any person on the street will think of when you say "classic car".

If the Model T made the motorcar mainstream, the Mustang furthered the game again by taking personal sports motoring and made it both attainable and desirable.

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It birthed the ‘Pony car’ movement, and bundled performance credentials amongst a healthy dose of American 60s optimism, and made nearly every household in America want one.

Today, April 17, marks the 55th anniversary to the day since the curtains dropped on Ford’s Mustang for the very first time at the 1964 New York World Fair.


Ford’s then-Vice President Lee Iaocca made a speech debuting the Mustang, opening with "Welcome to one of the proudest moments of our lives.

"People in every state, and from as far away as England, Malta and Australia, have written to ask for more information about the car, and many were ready to order it sight unseen!

"We don’t claim the Mustang is a universal car, or that it can be all things to all people. But we do believe the Mustang will be more things to more people than any other automobile on the road."


Iaocca and Ford proved right, and the Mustang was an instant success; with 22,000 orders made on the first day, with 400,000 sold in its first year!

After just three years of production, Mustang production totalled 1.3 million vehicles!

Today, the Mustang nameplate still endures, and remains a mainstay in collecting.

To honour its 55th birthday, see below for our four top stories!

1.       What’s a Classic Ford Mustang Worth?

Cliff Chambers reveals real-world numbers on one of motoring’s great icons – the Ford Mustang.


2.       Is this the greatest Eleanor Mustang in the world?

Bespoke engineering with cutting-edge components yet still classic in feel, John Bowe reckons it is!


3.       Fastback Muscle: 1967 Ford Mustang GT390 Four-Speed

You could be forgiven for getting confused over which model has what, but for many this S-code Fastback is the ultimate.


4.       Ford builds ten millionth Mustang

While the car hasn't been officially announced, have a sneak peek from inside the factory!



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