Cummins panel beater’s hidden Holden collection goes under the hammer

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Skippy collection cars Skippy collection cars

The massive collection spanned 1300 lots and was amassed over a lifetime.

Bennetts Classic Auction sent a surprise collection spanning 1,300 Holden lots under the hammer recently.

The auction ended on Sunday and included 120 cars, as well as countless other pieces of memorabilia and rare parts. The astounding collection was stashed away by Cummin’s panel beater Terrence ‘Skippy’ Skipworth over his years as a crash repairer.

ABC reported that Skippy unfortunately passed away 18 months ago from a heart attack, and had been collecting all things Holden over a lifetime.


Survived by three daughters, Rebecca Whillas, Simone Murnane and Jenna Skipworth; even they did not know the extent of their father’s collection – which was strung throughout multiple work sheds on seven different properties.


"We had them in the driveway as kids, the car port, and then the collection just grew. We didn’t realise how big it was" said Whillas.

Ms. Skipworth added: "I think it’s actually bigger than Dad would have known. He’d buy stuff and then hide it awat or keep it locked up. He would not have known half the stuff he had".


The three daughters had already crushed 180 cars before they enlisted Bennetts Auctions to assist in valuating and selling their fathers massive collection.

It took Larry Bennetts (below) and his team over a year and a half to sort and catalogue all 1300 lots, saying it was "the biggest auction that Bennett’s have ever done numerically over the 35 years" they’ve been in the business.


Some buyers travelled over 1200 kilometres to attend the South Australian auction – similar to how Skippy would travel interstate to swap meets in order to find parts.

"It’s been a really, hard, long process, physically and emotionally" said Murnane.

"It is hard to see his favourite pieces go. We know how much he loved them and how much it meant to him".

Skipworth stated: "hopefully a lot of these pieces will go on and be someone else’s pride and joy".

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