Canadian man locked rare Honda Type R in plywood enclosure for years

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Time Capsule Type R cover Time Capsule Type R cover
Time Capsule Type R enclosure Time Capsule Type R enclosure
Time Capsule Type R uncovered Time Capsule Type R uncovered
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Time Capsule Type R red seats Time Capsule Type R red seats

Ambitious man creates his own ‘barn find’ by locking up car for years, now it’s for sale

Honda’s DC2 Integra Type R is one of the most sought-after Japanese collectibles in recent years, lauded for its sharp chassis dynamics and peppy high-revving 1.8lt four-cylinder engine and quick-shifting six-speed manual driveline.

They were a giant-killer in their day, and a low-survival rate thanks to years of modifiers see good and close-to-factory condition cars fetching a pretty penny these days.

In fact, one with just 1200 miles on it sold in the US at Barrett-Jackson for an eye-watering AU$90,000 late last year.

The car here, doesn’t boast such a low odometer reading, but is as much a curious case for its time-capsule-like preservation.

Its Canadian owner had the foresight and confidence in the Type R’s future collectability, that he locked his car away in a completely sealed plywood enclosure for years.


Now he’s pulled it out, and seeking to cash in on his ‘investment’.

The car has been in its tomb for an unknown number of years, though as it stands – the odometer reading is pegged at 82,000 miles (132,000kms). That is incredibly low for what was otherwise a mainstream catalogue-offering sports coupe, but definitely not so low as you’d usually expect from a genuine barn find.


Of course, the car remains in near-pristine condition, though the seller points out that there is a singular scratch on the left-hand side door. The car also bears an AEM cold air intake so it’s not 100% original.

It’s main selling point is its rare specification, as one of just 250 Canadian-delivered cars finished in Championship white with rare red Type R seats (the seller claims he was offered CA$7500 for them alone).


Overall, it’s a valiant effort – but did the car’s condition warrant the virtual mummification. Yes, the DC2 Type R is a genuine late-model collectible, but we’re not convinced that the car’s low-mileage and inherent value would have been destroyed with your usual careful owner and fortnightly drives around the block.

The car is listed on eBay for CA$39,999.99, or AU$42,146.74.

Is it worth almost AU$20,000 more than a slightly modified Phoenix Yellow example with 150,000kms for sale in Australia right now? That’s for buyers to decide.

For us? We prefer to enjoy our cars and we urge you folks to, as well.


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