Bandit TransAm model + Castrol tool roll + Borla exhasut system + more - Gearbox 425

By: Unique Cars magazine

transam model transam model

Six of our favourite car-related must-haves this month...

1. Bandit TransAm

Burt Reynolds may no longer be with us, but his character, Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit lives on in these diecast models. Reynolds was behind the wheel of a Trans Am Firebird as he and the Snowman, (driving a semi laden with Coors beer) outran the cops, led by Sheriff Buford T Justice played by Jackie Gleason, to deliver the consignment across state lines. This movie is credited with every man and his dog getting a CB radio.


2. American wheels


A set of these ace looking wheels will lift the appearance of any car. Known as the Splitter, the split five-spoke wheel features a deep concave in an aggressive design, to suit modern classics and muscle cars. Available in staggered fitments, the Splitter, in sizes from 20-22 inches is ideal for modern Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers, and Challengers.


3. Key tagkeyring.jpg

Do you know somebody with a Valiant or Chrysler and are looking for the perfect gift? This exclusive Hemi Performance key tag is the perfect complement for any Chrysler or Valiant key ring.

The design of the key tags is based on the original factory badges or truly unique designs that keep true to the Chrysler design style.

Created from a high quality casting and chrome plated they are only available from Hemi Performance.


4. Castrol tool rollcastrol-tool-kit.jpg

Castrol has been around since day dot. And back in day dot, most of us spent our weekends tinkering with our cars in the shed, just to keep ’em on the road. Thanks to fastphaseclassics you can grab one of these cool looking and very handy tool rolls in Castrol livery. Then you can fill it with your favourite spanners and screwdrivers, pliers and shifters so you can quickly  get you back on the road should you grind to a halt when out and about.


5. Borla exhaust system


Make your Mustang stand out in a crowd with the Borla exhaust system from Mustang motorsport. Borla have been crafting zorsts since 1978 and they are standard fitment on all Shelby American vehicles. That’s a fairly impressive recommendation right there. Borla have cat-back rear section exhaust systems for all Mustangs, even the ones with half a V8 in them. Best of all you can customise the exhaust note.


6. Cobra T-shirtmoffat-t-shirt.jpg

The 1978 Falcon XC Cobra hardtop may have merely been a marketing exercise by Edsel Ford at the time in order to rid the factory of the remaining two-door body shells, but these days it sits close to the Phase III GT-HO in Ford Oz iconic status. This cool tee features Allan Moffat, the white and blue Cobra race car’s master,  behind the wheel. A must for Ford and Moffat fans.



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