Turbo Terror – Our Top Four GT-R stories

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

GTR top stories cover GTR top stories cover

Innovation that excites: Here’s our top stories on Nissan’s heroic nameplate

1. Feature: 2019 saw Nissan celebrate 50 years of its famous GT-R nameplate.

We go back to the start; and trace its history steeped in the early days of motorsport, the evolution of their engineering excellence, and their lasting effect on the automotive landscape.

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2. News: Nissan’s Heritage parts program continues to ensure owners of the ever-popular R-chassis Skylines are supported in keeping their beloved toys on the road.

Originally launching with a host of replacement hoses and lines – the program was recently expanded to offering brand new engines and body panels.


3. Feature: Nissan’s first GT-R from 1971 draws its DNA from the Prince-badged Skyline of 1956. Australia was one of the few international export markets for early Skylines, whose storied history remains little-known outside of its native Japan.

There’s a reason Australia is known as "the lucky country" when it comes to our unparalleled access to the Skyline model.

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4. Buyer’s Guide: The seminal R32 GT-R is one of recent years’ hottest items.

Australian-delivered collectibles lead the way in the auctions, though there’s no shortage of supply thanks to years of grey-importing. Our most recent Buyer’s Guide lays out what to look for when seeking your own ‘Godzilla’.

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