Mad Max Interceptor Desktop Mouse + LED Hazard Lights + more - Gearbox 423

By: Unique Cars magazine

mad max interceptor mouse mad max interceptor mouse

Our top five cool car-related gear and gift ideas this month...

1. Mad Max mania

This is not the Mad Max XB Falcon hardtop, but a desktop mouse shaped in the form of the famed Interceptor. If you love the movie and love the car you’ll love the mouse. And no, it’s not called a Mad Mouse. Also in the pack is a baby Interceptor doubling as a USB and a brightly coloured mouse mat.


2 LED hazard lights


You never really consider hazard lights until you need them. If your old jigger pre-dates this safety item, these could be a smart thing to carry in the boot in case of emergencies! The magnetic LED safety lights easily attach to the vehicle and are waterproof, durable and visible up to 800m. Choose from 9 light settings and an SOS feature. Peace of mind from Ford Australia.


3 New tiller


There’s nothing worse than a tatty looking steering wheel standing out like a boil in a freshly restored interior. It’s often the case of being unable to find a new one or a replacement. The good news if you own a Ford is that All Muscle Car Parts now have brand new reproduction GS, GT GTHO, Fairmont and Fairlane tillers to suit a range of late 60s and early 70s Fords. Be warned, they also have lots of other stuff to spend your hard earned on.


4 Pressing needs


Our friends at Hare & Forbes Machinery House has the HAFCO Metalmaster PP-20 20-tonne hydraulic press that’s ideal for removing and installing bushes, ball joints, bearings, gears, pulleys and more. Made from high-strength, steel, the PP-20 is also handy for straightening or bending, the 20-tonne hydraulic ram is operated by a hand pump and the ram is easily removed and transported.


5 Affordable Fezza F1


For those who don’t want to sit on their bum and drive a F1 car on a computer, Tamiya has a solution in the form of a radio controlled Ferrari 312 T-3 F1 from the 70s that’s guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping. Acceleration, braking and cornering has to be seen to be believed and you really do have to drive these little rocketships. Just don’t be upset if an eight- year-old hoses you off. But it’s great fun just the same.


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