Authenticity disputed over Dale Earnhardt Sr. race cars at auction

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Sold through Mecum over the weekend, the racing team states they are “not what they claim to be”

Over the weekend, Mecum auctions sent three of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s NASCAR racers under the hammer.

Two appear to have sold with no published results, with one car’s bidding still underway.

Richard Childress Racing, the team responsible for the cars, however told US site Jalopnik that the listings are "not what they claim to be".


The team stated that all three cars are currently in the possession of Richard Childress Racing, and not being auctioned, yet Mecum’s auction listings state detailed "race use", listing participation as well as starting and finishing positions where applicable.

Prior to the auction, Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted that RC (Richard Childress) had stated the cars as "not legit" and warned the public to "be careful".

A rep for Earnhardt Jr. told Jalopnik that he often sees old race cars for sale and "takes liberty to verify" the legitimacy of the cars. Earnhardt reportedly saw his father’s cars for sale, and contacted Childress for confirmation of authenticity, prompting his tweet.


Jalopnik since updated their article last Friday, prior to the auction, whereby Richard Childress Racing stated that the cars appear to be "former RCR show cars".

It’s a worrying thing on behalf of Mecum then, if these cars are truly show cars and not genuine race cars as their listings are inferred.

We would assume that cars are authenticated at an auction house like Mecum, and while the ultimate sale price is not published on their site; with each of the cars bearing $100,000+ estimates – you’d hope that the buyers were notified.


Check out the local auction results here!


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