1972 XA GT-HO Phase 4 console badge on eBay

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

GT HO badge GT HO badge

Incredibly rare piece with an insane pricetag to match

Naturally, in maintaining our own classifieds as well as writing about the many aspects of classic car ownership day-in and day-out; we come across some pretty spectacular things for sale on the internet.

It’s not always entire vehicles either, as the restoration space is ripe with its own rabbit hole of rare finds.

None more so than this bit of trim we came across on eBay.

It’s a genuine new-old-stock console badge for a 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT-HO Phase 4, and it’s advertised for a whopping $4,500!


According to the listing, the NOS replacement item is just one of four known to exist. That’s referring to the badge, not the car.

It’s never been fitted and has all mounting points and clips intact.

The listing points out that it’s a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of Australian muscle car history. We do agree, though we personally wouldn’t be dropping that coinage for a piece of a car we don’t actually own.


Though if you are in the market for a Phase IV, you’ll want to check out our next magazine; a Phase IV Special, out March 28!

We have untold stories, big news regarding the car previously destroyed, and another one even coming to market!

A few mil (no doubt) and it’s yours! Or own the console badge for a comparable bargain price of $4,500!

Speaking of which, what else could you buy for the price of that badge?

How about a one-owner low-mileage 1983 Holden TF Gemini?

What about a 1974 Jaguar XJ6?

A rare privately-imported 1988 Volvo 480 ES, perhaps?

If you tripped over a wad of cash to the tune of $4,500 – would you be pulling the trigger on the rare HO badge? Or add another vehicle to the fleet?

Let us know!


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