Porsche 928, Mazda R100, Hudson Hornet - today's auction tempters

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Porsche 928 Porsche 928 Porsche 928
Mazda R100 Familia Mazda R100 Familia Mazda R100 Familia
Hudson Hornet Hollywood Hudson Hornet Hollywood Hudson Hornet Hollywood

Three wildly different highlights from the current Graysonline auction

Space in the shed might be a bit tight, but that's no reason not to go looking for trouble at the latest classic auction, and we reckon we've found it in the shape of three very different cars.

First up is the 1981 Porsche 928. The German maker's entire front engine series was hugely controversial when it appeared in 1976, with enthusiasts of the marque at the time fearing it heralded the beginning of the end for the classic rear-engine 911 line.

Of course they continued to buy the 911 in quantity, while the more conventional front-engine series became an also-ran in the eyes of the cogniscenti.

Launched in 1977, the V8-powered 928 initially ran a 4.5lt capacity and claimed around 240 horses.

This example has logged a substantial 330,000km, but in its favour it is said to be a one-owner car with a service history. And it's a manual.

These front-engine cars are very much on the local collector radar - something that's only happened in the last four-or-so years. See our buyer guide.

Next up is one of a couple of Mazda rotaries in the sale - a 1970 R100 Familia. These were sold new locally, though this particular car seems to be a more recent import and is said to come with papers.

A couple of aspects of this one appeal: the fact it's a manual; And that it appears to be in very complete, if a little worn, original condition. For our money, we'd be tempted to just tidy it up a little and enjoy.

When launched here in 1969, the R100 cost about the same as a Valiant Pacer, so you had to be an enthusiast who appreciated the whole rotary promise to fork over that sort of money.

These and their period siblings have been hot property on the market in recent years. See our review of the series.

Last on our list is probably the rarest offering on our shores - the grandly-titled 1957 Hudson Hornet Hollywood.

When it comes to styling, this is high fifties flamboyance, with a set of tail fins the legendary GM designer Harley Earl would have been proud of, and a stunning amount of chrome 'jewellery' scattered around the beast.

While its famous stock car racing predecessors of the early fifties boasted big sixes, this second generation of Hornets also offered a few different V8s. It's unclear which version is under the bonnet on this car.

The series, by American Motors Corporation, is better-known in the USA, but over here you could be pretty confident of not finding another parked beside you at a classic show.

Hudson did some pretty wild cars during the fifties - see our review of the Italia.


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