1981 Mini Moke Californian - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Cult classic

1981 Mini Moke Californian - today's tempter
Mini Moke Californian

It's funny how often over the years what started as something that was meant to be basic and ultiltarian somehow ends up developing cult status.

Some of the examples that spring to mind are the VW Beetle, Fiat Bambino and this, the Mini Moke.

The British Motor Corporation (BMC) invention is of course based on the Mini platform, but intended initially for military use. However the British military felt it wasn't suitable, thanks to the low ground clearnace and low power.

BMC then turned its attenion in the early sixties to developing the car as a civilian vehicle and there it had far greater success.

They became popular in multiple roles, as a cheap light commercial vehicle through to hire cars at holiday resorts.

It was sold in numerous guises across the world for nearly 30 years - 1964-93 - and examples were assembled in Australia.

Values have risen in recent years and we've seen some extraordinary results at auction.

With very few exceptions, they will have undergone (or will have needed) a fair amount of restoration work by now.

One thing worth checking is that the chassis numbers line up with the registration of the car, as there have been aftermarket bodies built in the past which don't necessarily pass muster.

This example has a Challenge fibreglass canopy fitted, which was a fairly popular accessory back when you could buy a Moke new.

The car you see here is running a 998cc powerplant with four-speed manual and claims fairly low mileage. It's located in WA and is priced at $30k.

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