Hagerty names Pontiac-badged Commodore as a Top 10 Collector Car

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

The re-badged VE Commodore’s US debut was ill-timed but boasts a passionate cult following.

Hagerty names Pontiac-badged Commodore as a Top 10 Collector Car
Hagerty names Pontiac-badged Commodore as a Top 10 Collector Car

Here in their native land, locally-built machinery is treasured by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In America however, some of our later Australian-made cars are enjoying their time in the sun thanks to Holden’s small volume exports in the late-model Commodore era.

US Insurers, Hagerty, have recently published their 10 Best Collector Cars to buy in 2019, and gracing the ten best is Australia’s own Holden VE Commodore.

Badged as a Pontiac G8, the VE Commodore arrived on US Soil for the 2008 model year. Unfortunately however; Holden’s little Aussie Invasion was critically ill-timed, as the US economy was in a free fall amidst the GFC, and its new car market had shrunken to its lowest point since 1983.


In the end, the Pontiac G8 was unprofitable to import from Australia, and it survived on the market for just two years before GM took the entire Pontiac brand out to pasture during its bankruptcy reorganization.

Our Aussie abroad’s swansong was the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP, which to us, was essentially a watered down and more affordable HSV GTS.

You know the formula: 6.2lt LS3 V8 up front, driven wheels out the back, and the option of a six-speed manual in the middle, with the ability to propel up to five people to triple digit speeds in under five seconds.


The G8 was a slow seller, but those Americans in the know have long lauded the Australian-made sedan to cult-like levels.

Hagerty calls it: "the closest thing we’ll ever see to a four-door Corvette", and it’s also "the most powerful factory Pontiac ever made".

Hagerty’s own price guide sees the Pontiac G8 GXP valued between USD$40,700-USD$47,800 (AUD$57,420-AUD$67,439), after it was sold new ten years ago with a list price of USD$39,900 (AUD$56,293).


"Values are up 10 percent over last year’s. There’s no downside to this car, and it will never get any cheaper" says Hagerty’s valuation team.

It’s a slightly different story here Down Under, as the VE Commodore is plentiful and abundant on the secondhand market.

Having said that; if you happen to have a HSV GTS in good knick and original condition – maybe hold on to that…


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