1984 Citroen CX 2500 IE – Today’s Tempter

By: Alexander Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Described by some as “the last real Citroen”, this looks like an extremely affordable way into classic car ownership.

1984 Citroen CX 2500 IE – Today’s Tempter
1984 Citroen CX 2500 IE – Today’s Tempter

Citroen’s CX, produced from 1974 to 1991, visually picks up where the ground-breaking DS left off.

Its predecessor is described by some as the most beautiful car ever, and the succeeding CX evolves that same swoopy silhouette into a sharper, more contemporary design.

Its name, CX, reflects the symbol for drag coefficient, bolstering its unusual wind tunnel –tested design.

Similarly, the CX also utilised Citroen’s innovative self-levelling hydropnuematic suspension system, which first appeared on the DS in the 70s.

Various body styles were available, including the four-door fastback, a station wagon and a long-wheelbase model.

The CX was Citroen’s final model developed before Peugeot took over the company in  1976, and was the final instalment of the ‘Big Citroen’ era where the marque was a genuine frontrunner in regards to design, manufacturing, and technological innovation.

This 1984 Citroen CX is a 2500 model, with a fuel injected 2.5lt four-cylinder and the three-speed automatic.

The listing states that the car has been fully redone, from bare metal.

Purportedly, the car has 167,000kms on the odo, and looks immaculately clean.

For an advertised $19,950 – it represents the end of the golden years for the innovative French brand.

Citroen’s of old had real panache, and were genuine pioneers in the automaking world.

If you’re after a genuine classic – this might well be worth a look!

The car is based in Queensland, and you can check out the full listing here!


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