Torana tales - our top six Torana stories

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

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holden torana lc gtr front Holden Torana LC GTR holden torana lc gtr front
holden torana a9x rear Holden Torana A9X holden torana a9x rear

We've done countless top Torana stories over the years - here are our top six.

Torana tales - our top six Torana stories
Holden Torana A9X

1. Feature: Ron Klein's A9X is a stunning example of one of the all-time greats. Here we trace its history and even throw Jim Richards (and Allan Moffat!) in the car for a spin.

2. Feature: Iconic Holdens - LC-LJ GTR XU-1. Sharon Chapman's car is a great example of the original Aussie giant-killer.

3. Feature: Geoff Bower's LC GTR was part of a revolution in the way we thought about performance cars.

4. Reader resto: It took 17 years for Darryn Carr to get this GTR tribute up to a standard he was happy with. But it was well worth the effort.

5. Reader resto: Not all great stories have to be about hero models. This one about Laurie Westbrook and her car 'Gwen' is a classic.

6. Reader Ride: Jan's A9X has an amazing story. It was used as transport for her gardening business and then eventually got retired to the shed. Now it's back up and running, looking better than ever.

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