Nissan Heritage Parts program expands to R33 and R34 Skylines

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Nissan continues to expand their ground-breaking parts reproduction program

Nissan broke new ground early last year as it announced its motorsport arm ‘Nismo’ was launching its Heritage Part program, reproducing various factory replacement components for the original Godzilla, the Skyline R32 GT-R.

Nissan recently announced the expansion of the program come December 10, with a host of reproduction parts for the later-model R33 (1995-1998) and R34 (1999-2002) GT-Rs.


The R32 GT-R will receive an expanded set of reproduced parts that Nismo state are "indespensible for running and car inspection", such as weather strips and bumper reinforcement bars on top of the original line of engine and brake hoses, engine harnesses and exterior badging.

The R33 and R34 GT-R’s will begin with exterior bumpers, side lamp assemblies, as well as vacuum lines, hoses and exterior and engine seals.


Nissan faced extreme interest for further models when they first launched the program for the R32, and have responded in short order.

Nismo states that they: "will continue to promote further expansion of resupply items for R32, R33, R34 Skyline GT-R in the future".


As these Japanese hero cars continue to gain in popularity around the world, it’s a welcome move from the OE manufacturers in order to increase supply of previously-discontinued rare parts; allowing owners to hopefully find some respite from an at-times extremely costly secondhand market.

Other manufacturers are following suit as well, with Honda last year similarly announcing a line of reproduction parts for the 26-year old Honda Beat roadster. Mazda has done one better- offering a full on factory restoration program to owners of the humble NA Mazda MX-5.


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