Barn-find E-type Jaguar up for grabs

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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It's what we all dream of, but how much will it take to get going

Barn-find E-type Jaguar up for grabs
We all dream of finding one, though it will be a job to get it running.

It's one of those things you dream about doing. Cracking open the doors of a shed that hasn't seen daylight for decades, and finding some complete, low-mileage chrome-bumper gem of a car hidden in there.

That's pretty much what seems to have happened in New Jersey (USA), where a 1966 E-type Jaguar 4.2lt 2+2 with a little over 50,000 miles (80,000km) on the clock was unearthed.

It seems likely the car was last used in 1981, or that's what the inspection stickers suggest.

It's very complete, but looks like where-ever it was stored wasn't ideal, as there is a fair bit of general grunge across the exterior and engine bay.

It's currently for sale on Ebay, priced around Au$46,000.

That's not a lot for an E-type in the current market, but the catch is you would be up for a major recommissioning job - essentially a rebuild - to get it up to scratch. How much would that cost?

Still, there's nothing wrong with dreaming...

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