Unique Cars Magazine #420 OUT NOW! | Commodore Crazy

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Celebrating 40 Years of Commodore, we look at the keepers and the sleepers

Unique Cars Magazine #420 OUT NOW! | Commodore Crazy
Unique Cars Magazine #420 OUT NOW! | Commodore Crazy

Unique Cars Magazine issue #420 hits the shelves today!

Celebrating 40 years of the Holden Commodore, we look back at the iconic Holden’s history and shine a spotlight on the keepers and the sleepers.

John Bowe returns for another Past Blast, reuniting with the Race of Champions VC Brock nearly 40 years later.


We feature what is likely to be the world’s greatest VN SS; an unconventional subject of restoration undertaken by a young gun who gave his beloved VN the full nut and bolt job. Why you may ask? Simply because he loves it!


Glenn Torrens revisits his final tour of Holden’s Elizabeth plant in its final days of life, and reflects on the great industry we lost last October.


We’re also celebrating another milestone of Aussie motoring – 50 years of the XT Falcon! After one yourself? Have a read of our ultimate XT Buyer’s Guide!


Big Drives returns again, this time looking at the basement-buy BMW E92 M3. The only V8 M3 ever, and likely the last naturally aspirated one we’ll ever see. It divided opinion on launch, but its divisive V8 heart might be the reason you should get into one soon.


 This month’s Reader’s Resto is a sweet VH Commodore Wagon, that had its fair share of dramas throughout the buying stage, but after a two year build it has ended up a stunner!


Further along in Our Shed, we welcome a new addition to the fleet. It's not the youngest car in the stable, but not by much. Follow along, as Godzilla enters the Shed.



  • Uncle Phil’s top buys
  • Morley’s workshop
  • And all of the latest auction news and more!

Unique Cars magazine #420 is on sale now!



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