1969 Toyopet Corona MKII 1600SL – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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An extremely rare model and spec, believed to be the only example in Australia

1969 Toyopet Corona MKII 1600SL – Today’s Tempter
1969 Toyopet Corona MKII 1600SL – Today’s Tempter

The Toyopet nameplate represents an interest time in Toyota’s history.

With the name first appearing in 1947 after The War, the new line of compact Toyota’s initially found success within the Japanese market.

In 1957 Toyota launched the Toyopet brand into America with initial praise from the motoring press, as they were built with thicker steel, had lots of chrome and were more luxuriously-appointed.

Over time however, the Toyopet name struggled to etch a foothold in the American market, and eventually withdrew from the US all together, with the name only existing in Japan for not long after.

Toyopet branded cars, such as this 1969 MKII Corona, were sold in dedicated Toyopet dealerships in Japan, which were entirely separate from general Toyota dealers.

Complete with Toyopet badging, this MKII Corona 1600SL four-door is an extremely rare model if which the seller believes – to be the only example in Australia, with only a handful more surviving around the world.

Presented in high-spec SL (Sports Luxury) trim, the 1600 is fitted with a 1.6lt OHC twin carburetted inline four-cylinder, mated to a four-speed transmission and features disc brakes and sports steering wheel.

The car was imported by a keen Toyota enthusiast and mechanic around 10 years ago, and is now up for sale by the second and current Australian owner.

The car has travelled just 2000kms since it arrived on our fair shores, with the odometer reading an unsubstantiated 48,900kms.

The car is reportedly in excellent condition, free of rust and with very good paint with only minor blemishes. Interior is excellent with no tears, and little visible wear. All electricals are in working order.

The seller states that the engine is smooth and quiet, and doesn’t blow smoke or drop oil. Brakes are in working order, and the car has received a brand new exhaust and electronic ignition.

The only faults that the seller points out are: the air-conditioning needs re-gassing, the rear right door catch is a little stiff making the door a bit harder to close, and the rear left door is missing its original window winder (however, a replacement will be included from an equivalent RT40 Corona).

The seller also states that the sale will include the original wheels and hubcaps, original sales brochure and a "custom Toyopet scooter".

Within Japanese car collectors, the MKII "Shovelnose" Corona is quite a desired car. We reckon it’s a lovely and charming shape, with this one representing a very interesting footnote in Toyota’s manufacturing history.

The car is based in New South Wales, and is listed for $14,000.

You can check out the full listing here!


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