Unique Cars Magazine #419 Out Now! | 62-page Euro Value Guide

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Big issue with our annual Euro/British Value Guide!

Unique Cars Magazine #419 Out Now! | 62-page Euro Value Guide
Unique Cars Magazine #419 Out Now! | 62-page Euro Value Guide

Unique Cars Magazine #419 hits the shelves today!

Featuring a massive 62-page section dedicated to our annual European/British value guide!

It’s our biggest Value Guide of the year, with the most up to date evaluations.


To open our cornerstone Euro/Brit guide, we gather three of the most ubiquitous cars sporting icons of the past era. A Mk1 Escort, a 1970 MkII Mini Cooper S, and the original Porsche 930 Turbo.


This month’s Reader’s Resto comes courtesy of Pete Van Meur, and his lovely 1971 XY Panel Van which he’s owned for 15 years. It’s been rebuilt and torn down a couple of times, and he did much of the work at home. As stunning as it sits now, Pete believes that cars are there to be driven, and has never been one to shy away from a good drive in the XY!


Take a trip through the Blue Mountains with a passionate group of classic Datsun and Nissan owners, for a day with the fabled Skyline nameplate’s greatest hits. From the early 60s Prince Skyline, throughout the birth of the GT-R in the 70s, up to the modern classic R-chassis cars; the entire bloodline is represented. While Skylines are generally a hit amongst the younger crowd, here we meet a cracking group of guys who’ve been into them since the beginning!


  • Uncle Phil’s top buys
  • Morley’s workshop
  • And all of the latest auction news and more!

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