Radio Controlled Silvia + Custom Colouring Book + Ampol Esky - Gearbox 419

By: Unique Cars magazine

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Our top six car-related must haves this month...

1. Radio controlled Nissan Silvia

Love the Nissan Silvia and keen on drifting one? No need to spend all your hard earned on a full size one with full size bills. Here’s a radio controlled version that probably blows a real one into the weeds and will be just as tricky, challenging and fun to drift, without the massive tyre and fuel bills. As it runs on batteries it is like a hybrid and enviro friendly and it’s taking you into the future being semi autonomous. There, have we given you enough excuses to buy it now?

2. Custom colouring in


Mention American custom car legends and there is a fair bet near the top of the list will be John D’Agostino. Born in Pittsburgh and now living in California, D’Agostino got into customising cars at an early age. Career highpoints include a Rita Hayworth Tribute 1958 Packard and a 1941 Custom Gable, in honour of Clark Gable, sold for $690,000 in 2015. Now D’Agostino has put some of his greatest creations into a colouring book, which also bears his signature. Available from the Petersen Museum store

3. Tees 'n' things


If your wardrobe is in dire need of a spring clean or spruce up, slip down to your nearest Big W store and rifle through the range of apparel for Holden and Ford fans young and old. Retro and modern style prints are available, as are model-specific items like Sandman and Monaro polos, plus modern and retro Falcon, Escort and even Capri clobber. Here’s an example of what you can expect. See the range at

4. In case of emergency


Let’s be honest, cars don’t always behave when you take them out for a run. Shit happens as the saying goes. So with that in mind and to keep yourself visible when toiling away roadside, grab a pack of three safety triangles and chuck them in the boot. It’s a wise investment, even if you are only changing a flat. These triangles have non-skid rubber feet to keep them in place and upright in high winds and passing traffic. The reflectors have a high nightime capability and the fluorescent inner triangle warns daytime traffic.

5. Cool Ampol esky


Remember those scorching hot family days at the beach with food and drinks kept fresh in big metal Eskies? Well they are back but in a smaller, more manageable size and a cool retro style. They are still constructed from metal with a powder coat finish so they’ll take a fair amount of punishment and they can hold a couple of bottles of wine or a six-pack of beers or spirits, even soft drinks, with space left over for some nibbles. And they are adorned with the Ampol logo. Proudly Australian and so is the Esky.

6. Ford light box


Own a Ford or know somebody who does. Then this illuminating gadget will bring them hours of happiness. It is a light box from the official Ford merchandise range. Included are a bunch of Ford symbols, nameplates presumably, and 85 letters so you can have hours of fun making up your own signs and messages. And yes you can even make up those ones if you want… and have a dig at your iron lion mates too. It measures 30 x 22 x 4.6cm and all it needs is three AAA batteries to run it and it comes gift-packed.


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