Newly registered De Tomaso trademark hints at brand’s return

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

The De Tomaso name became a registered trademark in the UK just days ago

Newly registered De Tomaso trademark hints at brand’s return
Newly registered De Tomaso trademark hints at brand’s return

Best known for the V8-powered Pantera and Mangusta sports cars of the 70s, in more recent times the De Tomaso brand has suffered a tremendous fall from grace.

Various changes in ownership, liquidation, numerous unfounded rumbles of a resurgence, and even the arrest of a chairman – have all battered the brand in the past ten years.

Just five days ago however, on October 19 the UK Intellectual Property Office registered the De Tomaso Trademark after being filed back in mid-July.

The trademark owner’s name is listed as De Tomaso Automobili Limited, based in the UK – with the trademark covering six classes of goods: motor vehicles, leather and imitation leather, clothing, games, business management and repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.

The De Tomaso Deuville concept of 2011, thank goodness it never went into production.

While most of those classes indicate a proposed lineup of lifestyle goods, it’s the trademark application of ‘motor vehicles’ and ‘repair and maintenance of motor vehicles’ that has our interest piqued.

The logo too looks to be a stylised and modernised version of the vintage De Tomaso badge – which implies that there has been at least some sort of action behind closed doors.

Is De Tomaso in for a comeback?

We’d say don’t hold your breathe. Registering a trademark marks early days in the foundation of a business, so any real news could be years of research and development away.

Best not to forget that there have been various occasions where news had spoken of the brands return, all of which have yet to materialise.

If any further news breaks, we’ll be sure to cover it here at

Stay tuned.


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