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monopoly monopoly

Our top six car-related must haves this month...

1.  Monopoly Holden

They no longer build cars but Holden has put its name to one of the most popular and endearing board games in the world, Monopoly. The official licensed game of Holden Monopoly has rules similar to the real estate game but instead of buying properties you buy a model range of iconic Holdens. Not sure if the winner is decided upon the value, number of models or horsepower.

Buy it from


2. Nut & Blind Riveter set


Our mates at Hare & Forbes Machinery have this nifty Hafco RNB40 Nut & Blind Riveter set. It has a dual-purpose hand tool that can be used to install nut rivets or blind rivets to securely join a wide range of sheet metals such as aluminium, steel or stainless steel. The 130 piece kit includes a heavy duty hand-operated twin handle riveter manufactured from aluminium & steel for durability and with moulded handles for comfort.


3. Gullwing t-shirt


John DeLorean’s supercar dream was shortlived, the DMC-12s high point being a starring role in Back To The Future. With stainless steel body panels and gull-wing doors, it was ahead of its time. Aussie brand Shamrock shirts has produced a cool-tee showing the DMC-12 with its gullwing doors open. The tee is made of smooth combed cotton and is a regular fit with short sleeves and a round neck. There's heaps of other cool t-shirts too.

Check out the range at


4. Battery charger


There’s nothing worse than getting to the shed in anticipation of a long drive to discover your car battery has as much life as a corpse. To stop that happening get a 10-amp battery charger from Schumacher Electric. The SPi10 charger can charge a range of batteries including AGM, Standard, Gel, Calcium and Start-Stop batteries. To operate it is a breeze and there’s an animated display giving you step by step instructions to charge your battery correctly. It also has multi stage charging. RRP $199


5. Drive book


This book takes us from the public’s amazement at the idea of a horseless carriage to today’s anticipation for driverless vehicles and everything you ever wanted to know about motoring from 1895 to the present day.

Your journey through motoring history begins with the twists and turns, trials and tribulations of the pioneering days of motoring and how the car has shaped the world over the last century.

RRP $49.99 at bookshops.


6. Datsun decals


Seems right this Datsun shop is based on the Sunshine Coast in the sunshine state. Okay enough sun silliness. If you are a deadset Datto fan you’ll love this place. They stock a huge range of used parts, new old stock parts and new parts for almost any Datsun you can name. But it’s not just parts they specialise in; the Datsun Parts Shop also has a wide range of flags, heaps of stickers, old dealer items, memorabilia and plenty of diecast models and Hot Wheels.


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