Chrysler Valiant Ranger - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

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Base model Valiant has huge charm

Chrysler Valiant Ranger - today's tempter
VK Valiant Ranger

We have to admit to having a real soft spot for this car, which featured on our cover for issue 417 for the inaugural Australian Family Car Value Guide.

The VK Ranger was the base model in the range, with three-speed manual and a 215ci (3.5lt) Hemi inline six engine.

Inside they were huge, with the bench seats offering plenty of space for a family of six.

This example has had a lot of resto work done to the body and interior, while the engine bay is in good original condition.

Values for good straight locally-built cars have been on the climb for some time now, and the price of this car seems representative of the market while being well below what a big resto would cost.

You can read more about the series here.

The car is advertised for $19,900 and is located in Victoria.

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