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This month's gearbox includes a Tamiya Renault Alpine, retro radios for your classic Falcon, car books, t-shirts and more

1. Tamiya Renault Alpine

Be a rally star for not much dosh. It’s a radio control model of the famous Renault Alpine A110 from the 70s that’s as exhilarating to steer as the real one. In its day the Alpine romped to many wins over the dominant Escorts. Painted in the colors of the Renault Alpine works team, as it appeared in the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally. It filled the top three podium places.
Check your local hobbyshop.

2. Hadfield’s hot read


The ultimate biography of Australian hot rodding and local legend Rod Hadfield. It covers his 50+years of initiating trends and bucking convention.

With minimal formal education and no qualifications, but drive and vision, Hadfield founded his successful hot rodding empire. He has been responsible for many radical, yet immaculately engineered cars in this country. Hadfield, lets his cars do the talking. And there’s lots to talk about.

3. Modern sounds


If you own a Falcon of the XR to XY persuasion and want to keep the look of the radio orignal but like to listen to your favourite tunes without the snap crackle and pop, of old get on to this. It’s a copy of the XR GT radio, complete with faux wood surround and the station names of the 60s on its face. The difference is it plays AM/FM Radio, iPod/iPhone, MP3, USB and Bluetooth and comes with with kick-panel speakers.

4. Tanks very much


Imagine getting though all the challenges of a painstakingly perfect restoration of your 70s Henry only for your first drive to be blighted by a dose of gunge from the old fuel tank finding its way into your freshly fettled motor.

Don’t despair: Rare Spares can help you out with a new fuel tank. They have them to suit all XA and XB Falcons in both two-door and four-door body styles. And if you happen to be toiling away on a resto on a ZF or and ZG Fairlane, these same tank also slots straight in.

5. Kings of OZ


A great addition to any motoring library. Respected journos Toby Hagon and Bruce Newton have gathered an assortment of the greatest, bravest, most iconic and inspired vehicles in our history. From the first one made here, to the Holden and Ford cold war. Cars that crossed deserts, carried troops.The ‘Kangaroo Chaser’ inspired by a farmer’s wife and named by Henry Ford himself and Aussie muscle cars. It’s a cracking read.

6. Moffat Mazda


Remember the outcry when Ford ditched Moffat and he defected to a Mazda RX7? Then there was the second outcry that the Mazda was just a sportscar in disguise. Moff pedalled the wheels off the little rotary to beat Brock, Johnson, Bartlett, Grice and co. and won his fourth and final Aussie touring car crown in the Mazda. So if you want to honour the winningest RX7 to grace our tracks, and one of our greatest drivers too, grab one of these great tees.


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