1983 Ferrari Mondial – Today’s Weekend Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

There is still such a thing as an ‘affordable’ Ferrari

1983 Ferrari Mondial – Today’s Weekend Tempter
1983 Ferrari Mondial – Today’s Weekend Tempter

Guido once said something along the lines of "A Ferrari seems to be one of those things you should probably own once in your life".

But they’re generally asking for a lot of money to stump up, and even if they’re not – they cost just as much as they did new to maintain and service.

So of course, when an affordable Prancing Horse rears its head – one must be mindful as to how much money you’ll need in the upkeep of such a machine.

In fact: the perception of unreliable Italians often arises due to the fact that they’re often bought for pennies, after a handful of owners have had their time with it – and one or two owners who often don’t or can’t give them the care they deserve (and need).

Ferrari Mondials won’t top the dream list for any Ferrari collector – so they’re reasonably more affordable than other models, and they’re still charming with a lot to like.

With four seats, and a quad-cam V8 – it’s got plenty of 1980s charm, with a low seating position and a short and stout wheelbase with little overhangs on each end.

This 1983 Ferrari Mondial is finished grey over an interesting black-and-blue interior.

The kicker is it’s a five-speed manual, with a gloriously gated shifter.

The sellers claim that the car is 100% original, and already having undergone an interior refurbishment, and a full service.

From photos, the car looks to be in fair condition, but could use a polish or a detail both outside and in. The listing states that the odometer indicates 50039kms travelled.

Still, it’s a Ferrari, with a listed price of just $49,990.

The car is on sale via Pennant Hills auto Traders in NSW, you can check out the full listing here!


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