STOLEN: Unique Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing pinched from Nurburgring hotel

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Remi Dargegen

stolen gullwing stolen gullwing
stolen gullwing side stolen gullwing side
stolen gullwing rear flank high stolen gullwing rear flank high
stolen gullwing bubble roof stolen gullwing bubble roof
stolen gullwing interior stolen gullwing interior

The one-off 1955 300SL is one of just 30, and features a unique chop-top bubble roof

It’s every car-person’s nightmare: to walk out to where you left your pride and joy, only to see an empty space in its place.

Owner Thomas Rosier from Germany had that cruel fate befall him earlier this month in Germany; as his 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL (Serial number: 5500434) was stolen overnight on August 11, while it was parked in front of the Dorint Am Nuburgring Hocheifel - a hotel neighbouring the finishing straight of the famed racing track.


The car is a unique one-off example; just one of 30 cars manufactured with a steel-body and fitted with the alloy-body’s desirable ‘NSL’ engine. The car notably features an 8cm chop out of the roof, done in 1999 under its Los Angeles-based owner who intended to race the car.


In addition to the unique chopped roof, the car was resprayed black and trimmed with a red ostrich and cognac leather interior, fitted with a pair of Marchal driving lamps up front, and features an assymetrical driver’s side fender mirror.

The rare NSL-specification engine is improved with an upgraded ignition system and clutch, aluminium fuel tank and side-exit exhaust; whilst the car was lowered with Koni suspension.


The car is still lost unfortunately, and the owner is offering a ransom of €250,000 (AUD$390,000) to "anybody who will bring the car back".

It’s a worrying thought, that as the collector car sector continues from strength to strength, criminal the world-over are increasingly targeting these – at times – incredibly lucrative four-wheeled assets.


On the off-chance that anyone has info on the world-class car, get in touch with photographer Remi Dargegen.


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