Prime Metal at Shepparton Motor Museum - Gallery

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Exceptional display covers a century of petrol-driven dreams

Shepparton Motor Museum in Vic has an extraordinary variety of star cars and commercial vehicles on display at the moment, ranging from a giant charabanc dating back to 1918, through to seventies touring cars.

One of the highlights is the selection of high-end British classics, with a very slick D-Type Jaguar replica among them. And from the other side of the Atlantic, you might spot a GT40 lurking in there!

For touring car fans, the highlight is a pair of Wigston/O'Brien Toranas - a hatchback and sedan - both in full Bathurst warpaint.

One display that had us intrigued was a giant restored Thornycroft Amazon truck from 1938 - it's an impressive-looking monster, from a company that started building steam trucks in the late 1890s.

The machine was recently used as a backdrop for the announcement of a new truck museum, to be built just behind the existing building. Federal and state government funding has been obtained, and a little more private funding is needed to get the project underway.

We popped in to Shepparton as part of our Kingswood Country Tour - look for the full story in Unique Cars magazine and keep an eye out for #kingswoodcountrytour on Facebook.


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