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By: Cliff Chambers

hdt calais hdt calais

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Peter Brock’s final range of enhanced Holdens was controversial but also more varied than any that had gone before. The Calais Sport was available as a V8 or turbocharged 3.0-litre but sold fewer than it might have if not for the’ Polariser’ debacle. Sport’s in common with the equally competent Magnum are largely ignored by HDT buyers in their clamour to acquire VL Group A cars that have headed recently for $150,000. A Sport in similar condition to this one will cost half the price or maybe less for a Permanent Red car.

Then: $16,000. Now: $65-70,000


DATSUN 1200 COUPE - January 2001


Back in 2001, a Datsun 1200 at $11,500 might have deterred some people, but not those with experience of these feisty little cars or a grasp of Datsun competition history. Enthusiasts would doubtless recall the 1200 Datto coupe that with a five-speed gearbox won its class at the first Bathurst enduro to cover 1000 kilometres. This car with its 1.5-litre transplant engine, five-speed gearbox and chunky rubber would have been considerably quicker than even the one raced in 1973 and today should be untroubled in justifying $20,000+

Then: $11,500. Now: $20-22,000


MG Y TOURER - Novbember 1990


Only 877 of the MG Y Type Tourers were built and a lot found their way to Australia under Britain’s post-WW2 ‘Export or Perish’ programme. Survivors in excellent condition, as this car appears to be, once appeared regularly but pickings in recent years have grown slim. The International MG Y Register lists 765 cars that at some point were housed in Australia, including around 200 Tourers. Values in the UK and USA where Y Tourers are scarce can reach the equivalent of A$70,000, however if sold locally one like this would likely cost less than $50,000.

Then: $25,000. Now: $40-48,000


Reader's One That Gotaway - 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

James Glendo
Tyabb, Vic


Back in ‘98 I got wind of a farm clearout sale in Shepparton. This property was littered with US classics including a black RHD 1958 Plymouth Sedan, it was $4,500 and a runner with known history as an embassy car. Where did it go? 


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