1971 Holden HG Belmont ute – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

1971 HG BElmont 1971 HG BElmont

Extensively restored and looking like a ‘beaut! This HG Belmont is a true time-capsule

Historically speaking, HG’s have never offered significant collector interest, and instead lent themselves to fun and affordable projects and restomods.

Over the past few years however, they’ve definitely come into their own - with burgeoning desirability as the entire Australian Classic scene goes from strength to strength.

Debuting in 1970, the HG was offered with a full range of sedan, wagon, van and ute bodies.

Engine options included a 161ci six, with a 130ci available for export markets; and 253ci, 308ci, and 350ci V8s.

Transmission options from factory included a three and four-speed manual, as well as a two-speed Powerglide and three-speed Trimatic.

This 1971 HG Belmont ute looks like a proper time-capsule; extensively restored and is hard to fault on appearance.

The seller states that the car was owned long-term by an elderly gentleman who had treasured this little ute.

The car features factory sun visor, blinds and mud flaps; and was stripped down for a bare-metal respray two years ago.

Purportedly, car is completely free of rust, dents, marks and scratches, and the seller claims that the underbody is equally as clean.

An engine rebuild was undertaken in 2016, as well as the three-speed manual gearbox – and a host of new replacement parts have been fitted all throughout the car.

The seller states the car currently has just 46,990 miles on it, and will come with the original Owner’s Manual.

Reportedly nothing need be done for a roadworthy, and the seller claims there’s not a dollar left to spend on this car.

To us, it presents incredibly well and would well be worth investigating if you’re after a classic cruiser ute.

The car is on offer by Australian Muscle Car Sales, and is listed for $29,990.

You can check out the full listing here!


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