1965 Morris Mini Traveller 'woodie' wagon - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Rare wagon is a sixties icon

1965 Morris Mini Traveller 'woodie' wagon - today's tempter
The Mini Traveller was a big seller in its day

If you had to name the top five iconic cars of last century, the Morris Mini is very likely to make to make it to the list.

The Alec Issigonis design is one of the great motor automobile packaging exercises of all time, selling in huge numbers in its day and providing inspiration for the majority of small cars out there in the market.

While the four-seater sedans made up the bulk of the sales, there were numerous variants over time, including the Moke open top, a utility, a van, a couple of wagons and even some high-end Wolseley and Riley versions.

Of course BMW revived the nameplate many decades on, though the modern version is a giant of a car compared to the original.

The wagon was built in two variants: the Traveller with its Ash wood external trim, plus the plain Countryman. Both had an extended chassis, by around 10cm, and were designed to take four people plus a modest load.

This car is the 'MkII' variant, denoted by its fuel tank location, and is a foreign-made example. While Minis were assembled in Australia, the wagons were not. They were built in the UK, South Africa, Italy and Portugal.

Some 99,000 Travellers were made, however the survival rate seems low.

The Sydney based example shown here is running the 1100 engine rather than the original 850, which would make it a much better proposition to drive. It's priced at $25,000.

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