Richard Burns’ 2000 WRC Subaru Impreza for sale

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale LEAD Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale LEAD
Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale Nokia Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale Nokia
Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale period Richard Burns WRC Impreza For Sale period

A rare opportunity to own a winning Group A WRC car

For sale here is Richard Burns’ winning car from the Great Britain round of the 2000 WRC Championship.

Burns’ Subaru Impreza, Prodrive W25 SRT Chassis #11, was purchased almost immediately directly off the finishing line from ProDrive, still covered in Welsh mud.


On offer from British firm Duncan Hamilton & Co, the car is claimed to be "the most original WRC car in the world".


It’s a hard claim to validate, but looking at Burns’ Nokia mobile phone which still resides in its in-cabin dock, energy bar wrappers in the door pocket, and hand-written pace notes – yeah, we’re inclined to believe them!


In the 2000 WRC Championship, the car also competed in the Rallye de France finishing 4th, as well as the Rallye d’Italia  where it suffered a mechanical DNF.

Burns' car is a significant piece of WRC history, and an icon of the Group A Rally era. The car is in beautiful running condition and price is listed as POA.

Many hold the Group A rally era in extremely high regard, especially for those too young to witness the hallowed Group B era. Cars were also far more closely-akin to their road-going siblings, and birthed a number of iconic rare road cars for the era, such as the Subaru Impreza 22B.


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