Moffat's Mustang model + Resto Tools + Wheels + T-shirts - Gearbox 415

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This month's gearbox includes resto tools, cool t-shirts, Holden-style wheels, VG Pacer coffee mugs and a scale model of Allan Moffat's iconic Coca-Cola TransAm Mustang

1. Moffat’s ’stang

Remember Wile E Coyote? Every product he bought to to obliterate the road runner came from Acme. You’ll also remember that all failed and with a meep-meep the road runner lived to fight another day. Well here is one Acme product that’s a gem and does work. It’s a 1:64 scale model of Allan Moffat’s iconic Coca-Cola TransAm Mustang and equally well-known Ford Transporter. The $49.99 scale model is an official Allan Moffat collectible.


2. Resto tools

Resto -tools

Want to knock out those annoying dings or shape some metal? Hare & Forbes have just the tools you need. Consisting of a pair of mallets crafted from hard maple with hickory handles, they are virtualy indestructable and won’t leave a mark. Included with the two mallets is a pre-filled leather sandbag, a stand and table.


3. TEE tops


If you own a Ford Escort or you’re just a fan of the gun little Henry, you can now tell everyone, with one of these cool-looking tees from forty horse. These ripper tees are available in a variety of sizes, including kids and babies so you can start ‘em young. There’s a palette of colours to choose from and they are just $34.95 and that includes free shipping to anywhere around the nation.


4. Wheelie good

Holden -wheels

Anyone who knows anything about the Holden Torana GTR XU-1 will pick these wheels in a heartbeat. They made the LJ standout and looked much better than the steel rims on the LC. But until now they were only available for the T’rana. Old School Wheels and Tyres has these great looking aluminium rims in 17" x 8" to suit HQ to WB Holdens with a range of offsets.


5. Your own VG Pacer mug

Valiant -vg -pacer -mug

If you are a Valiant fan there is no better way of enjoying a cup of hot brown than from your very own VG Pacer coffee mug. Pentastar Parts is offering these professionally printed mugs for just $16.50. Featuring a white body, with matching handle and a convenient opening at one end, these mugs are the ideal gift or self indulgence for the Valiant fan. Pentastar also carries a full range of parts for any resto or repair work.



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