2002 Ferrari 575M F1 – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Ferrari 575M Ferrari 575M

If you’re fortunate enough to be shopping for a new hi-po BMW or Mercedes, wouldn’t you rather a V12 Fezza?

Ferrari boasts a long lineage of celebrated front-engined grand tourers.

While many fans of the brand hold the scalpel-sharp mid-engined sports cars in the highest regard, there’s a devout following for the Prancing Horse’s cross country offerings.

Driven wheels at the back, and a big ol’ V12 up front, the formula is golden; and as many of these cars simmer away in age – many are experiencing upwards swings in price and desirability.

The Ferrari 575M is one of the most desired grand-tourers from Maranello.

Succeeding the 550 Maranello, the 575M was an updated version with styling changes both inside and out, with more power and better handling.

The 575M gained bigger brakes, a larger and more powerful version of its Tipo V12 engine, as well as improved weight distribution, updated aerodynamics as well as new adaptive suspension and – for the first time on a Ferrari V12 – Ferrari’s semi-automatic "F1" transmission.

It’s one of the last truly analogue Ferraris, before the 599 GTB replaced it in 2006.

On offer here from Dutton Garage in Melbourne is an October build 2002 Ferrari 575M, with just 81,900kms travelled since new.

Originally delivered to the UK, the car is reportedly mechanically perfect with comprehensive service and maintenance records.

The car presents impeccably well, specified in deep Nero (black) paint over Magnolia (tan) leather interior.

The 575M was the last classical Ferrari grand-tourer, and has aged tremendously well.

The car is listed for $169,990 – or roughly the same list price as a new BMW M4.

For that price, we’d definitely take the V12 Ferrari – wouldn’t you?

You can check out the full listing here!


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