1971 Toyota Crown Cabriolet – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

1971 Toyota Crown 1971 Toyota Crown

Custom convertible job, fully restored

You won’t run the risk of parking next to another MS55 Crown Convertible with this car, ‘cause Toyota never actually made them!

We had to second-guess ourselves with this custom-job, as it looked so well done that we had to wonder for second whether Toyota did actually once offer a drop-top version of its executive luxury limousine.

Alas, no, while the lack of roof and side windows is custom, it’s certainly eye-catching, and the boxy lines of the old Crown actually lend itself quite well to open air motoring.

It’s a 1971 Toyota Crown, and has reportedly been owned by one family since new.

The owner’s son carried out a complete restoration in 2004, and had been garaged ever since, with the ad stating just 12,000 miles covered since then.

While the original engine choices included a 2.0lt inline-four and a 2lt and 2.3lt inline-six; under the bonnet now sits a 2.8lt Toyota Celica/Supra six cylinder motor, with extractors and 2-barrel carbies; mated to a three-speed manual column shift.

With bench seats front and back, it’ll seat six in comfort and extreme style.

The car will reportedly come with safety certificate, and personalised plates; as well as original service booklet and Toyota Guide booklet. The listing states that the car does bear compliance plates in accordance to the abundant modifications.

For $17,500, the car would sit well in the driveway of someone looking for something a little different.

Be warned: lopping the roof off a car can lead to wobbly results (literally). If we were buying, we’d be hell-bent on a test drive before talking money, and check out what extra bracing the car has received to prevent it from becoming a taco.

You can check out the full listing here!


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