1969 Dodge Super Bee A12

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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A very special MoPar

With the price of Aussie hero cars heading skywards over the last couple of years, collectors could do a whole lot worse than swing their attention back to vehicles with more international interest, like the Dodge Super Bee shown here.

The thing is the local Ameriucan car market has gone a little quiet and the prices are looking like good value.

And, if you were in the market for a premium USA muscle car, something like this Super Bee could be a good place to park your money.

This series was a effectively a factory-made performance car aimed at the Sunday racer. Maybe someone who wanted to head off to the drags without having to spend a bomb of extra money for a decent performer.

The Super Bee was built on the 117 inch wheelbase (an inch longer than its Road Runner cousins) and ran a lot of performance gear, including heavy duty suspension and Hurst shift equipment in the four-speed manuals.

Engine options for the 1968-70 series included the venerable 383, a 426 and 440ci V8s. That's 6.3, 7.0 and 7.2lt respectively.)

The ultimate package was the 440 with a six-pack Hiolley carburettor set-up (three two-barrel units) that was said to be good for 390 horses. That was party of the A12 package.

With any special car like this, it pays to do your research and ensure that the vehicle is in fact what you and the owner believe it to be. There are very good historical resources out there and it pays to be thorough.

If in doubt, join a club and get their experts involved.

This Super Bee is based in Qld and is priced at $120,000. Assuming it checks out, that's probably less than it might fetch in the USA. See the ad here.

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