Lincoln Zephyr + Studebaker Champion + Subaru WRX - Phil's picks 414

By: Phil Walker

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lincoln zephyr lincoln zephyr

Uncle Phil's top picks this week from the Unique Cars classifieds

1937 Lincoln Zephyr


Nothing beats a v8 unless of course it’s a V12. That’s right the Linclon Zephyr has a 267 ci V12 pushing it along and of the three bodies offered by Henry’s men, the three-window coupe is the rarest and most desirable thanks to its unique flowing lines, low-raked windscreen and integrated guards.

The Lincoln Zephyr is credited as being the first streamlined yank tank due to its front end reflecting the look of the speedboats of the day and was the model that reignited Lincoln sales in the US. This one has been fully restored and is a stunning example with its dash, headlining, upholstery all in good nick.

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1958 Studebaker Champion


Studebaker -champion

Wow this is another one for the pool room. Since coming off the production line the ‘58 Champion has journeyed a mere 128 miles or in today’s money, 200kms. Why? Seems it was an engagement gift that was knocked back and the heartbroken fiancee put it away for 26 years. Then a dealer owned it for 10 years and didn’t drive it. A syndicate bought it in 1993 and now it’s up for grabs again, in a well-preserved state. You need to fly to NZ to buy this very beauty that comes with a fascinating back story.

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2012 Subaru WRX


Subaru -wrx

it’s hard to believe that the Suburau WRX has been with us for almost 25 years. In that time Suby has thrown more versions of the turbo terror at us than I’ve had hot meals. Really. But one of the best and rarest is the 2012 Limited Edition Club Spec.

Only 300 were made with half getting drenched in Tangerine Orange paintwork, which makes you stand out in a crowd but also makes a nice change from the usual WRC Blue and gold.

This beauty looks to have been well looked after and the Boxer engine is known to be a tough and damn near unbreakable unit, having proven themselves as the must-have weapon for rallying.

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