Holden LC Torana GTR + HDT VC Commodore + Citroen 2CVSA + Monaro CV8Z - Auction Action 414

By: Mark Higgins

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holden torana lc holden torana lc

Hot on the block recently: LC GTR Torana, HDT VC Brock, Citroen 2CVSA and a 2005 Holden Monaro CV8Z


Sold: $165,000
Burns & Co

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw the sale price of this LC GTR. Sure it is a plum and has set a price record and only travelled 67,613 kms and the mechanicals have the correct matching codes, but the fact remains it’s a GTR and yet was pushing up into XU-1 territory. It begs the question if this is a benchmark or an aberration?


Sold: $60,000

Hdt -vc -brock

The VC HDT has an important place in Australian motoring history. If it wasn’t for a few visionary Holden dealers, led by Adelaide’s Vin Kean, this car and Brock’s HDT Special Vehicles operation wouldn’t have happened. Finished in the most popular of the three Brock colours, Classic White with red velour trim, build #348 sports the four-speed self-shifter. Based on the SL/E, it combined luxury with more style and urge with better brakes and improved handling thanks to Brock.


Sold: $18,500

Citroen -2cv

I bet our own Jon Faine would love this in his collection. It sports a 375cc two-cylinder engine and four-speed manual gearbox and is finished in grey metallic with marron wheels and green canvas seats. It is the earliest Citroen 2CV Shannons has ever auctioned and this one was built in Slough in England. It has a ribbed bonnet, like the early 1948 models and has been lovingly kept by the one owner for the past 20 years.


Sold: $155,000
Burns & Co

Holden -monaro

Right now anyone with a low mileage CV8Z Monaro will be wearing a rather smug look after the record price achieved for the last ever Monaro model. Bet the owner is feeling pretty good too. This beauty has just 39 kilometres on it and with it came its original paperwork and delivery stickers still on it. It’s never been registered either. Wonder if will ever get a run in anger or live quietly in a collection? 



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