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By: Cliff Chambers

ferrari 308gt ferrari 308gt

Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds archive

FERRARI 308GT4 2+2 - Advertised June 2002

No, not all Ferraris are red and those that come in other colours certainly catch the eye. Enquiries overseas revealed that GT4s in non-metallic dark blue aren’t common, however there are a couple in this shade currently for sale. More surprising is the money being sought for a car that over the years has ranked among the least significant of Ferraris. The Pininfarina shape admittedly wasn’t flattering but this was still the first production Ferrari V8 and its first mid-engined 2+2. People realising its significance have helped GT4 prices to almost treble since this car was for sale in 2002.


LUKEY FORD GALAXIE R CODE - Advertised November 1988

Ford -galaxie

Anyone who owned a loud car in the 1960s or 70s knows Len Lukey. He probably had a hand in making the muffler for your EH or Cortina that caused the cops and your girlfriend’s dad such grief. This Galaxie, delivered in late 1962 to Lukey, is believed to be the only four-door prepared by Holman & Moody for racing. Upon arrival it still looked pretty stock; a photo taken at the Caversham circuit in 1962 shows it on standard rims with whitewall tyres. Now repainted in its original red it forms part of the Bowden Family collection and will have gained immensely in value.


HQ HOLDEN STATESMAN 350 - Advertised January 2001

Holden -statesman -hq

Just imagine if the oil crisis had arrived earlier and the Americans wanted a compact Cadillac in 1971. Just how many of these great-looking HQ Statesmans with the 5.7-litre, 350 engine could we have sold them? Of course those Chevrolet-supplied engines became liabilities once oil became expensive and Holden didn’t need the aggravation. Bye bye Monaro 350 and the big-engined HQ as well. Estimates say that around 2700 of these cars were made but only a few dozen are left intact. This looks good enough to certainly be a survivor.


Reader's One That Got Away - MAZDA RX2 COUPE


Mazda -rx2

In the late 90s I picked up a solid RX2 coupe to build as a tough street car. It was original down to the red paint, I was planning a 13B bridgeport with some Simmons wheels but time and money was an issue and I sold it for the lousy sum of $4,000 in 2000. I wish I had kept it!

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