Weekend Auction Action: Shannons and Lloyds

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Auction action Lloyds VL Walky Auction action Lloyds VL Walky

Big weekend for the car auctions, here’s a preview on the winners and losers

It was a big weekend at the Auctions, with both Shannon’s Sydney Classic Auction and Lloyd’s Classic Auctions taking place.

We’ll have a full rundown and analysis landing tomorrow, but for now, enjoy these few notable lots that we found especially interesting!

Shannons Lot #36 – 1985 Daimler Double Six V12 Saloon – Sold: $10,500

An absolute bargain was found at Shannons over the weekend, with this Series III Daimler Double six.

Auction -action -Shannons -Daimler

With a V12 up front, driven wheels behind you, and acres of leather and comfort in between – this is a useable luxury V12 Saloon that you could feasibly enjoy every day. And it only cost one lucky punter a hair over ten grand!

Shannons Lot #60 – 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback (LHD) – Passed In: $310,000

The big Boss-9 failed to launch over the weekend, falling short of its $340,000 guiding price by $30,000.

Auction -action -Shannons -Boss9

Passed in at a final bid of $310,000, this impeccable low mileage, restored example only gained two bids before stalling out.

While American Iron isn’t gaining as much attention or love from buyers while the Classic Australian sector booms, we may yet see US Classics come into their own as recent Border Force treatment of imported classics puts a stranglehold on Classic Car importation.

Shannons Lot #67 – 1986 BMW M635 CSi Coupe – Sold: $100,000

One of the few cars that really jumped out to us for going over their Guiding Range was this E24 M635.

Auction -action -Shannons -E24

We here at UC lover our classic Bimmers, and were pleasantly surprised to see 21 bids submitted to take this car up to $25,000 over estimate!

This is the first time we’ve seen an E24 reach six-figures, and is a stark surprise as we always reckoned that BMWs in prior auctions have been undervalued. For example: See Shannon’s previous Melbourne auction where an E36 M3 and E39 M5 collectively went for the same price as an old Kingswood.

Lloyds Lot #78 – 1988 HSV VL Walkinshaw – Sold $225,000

The Big Winner of the weekend!

Auction -action -LEAD

Hosted by Lloyds, a VL Walky sold for a whopping $225,000!

While a fair ways below the $340,000 forked over for a box-fresh VL Walky at the D’Alberto Family auction last month, we can still be confident that classic Aussie hero cars aren’t slowing down in steam any time soon.

Stay tuned on TradeUniqueCars.com.au for our full auction rundown tomorrow!


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